Book: Hire Beyond Bias

Pick the Best Person for the Job

Hire Beyond Bias

Are you ready to expand your team?

Whether you’re an experienced manager or this is your first time hiring someone, this can be a stressful activity.

We’re all busy enough, and finding a new team member can take up valuable time.


Should You Trust Your Instincts?

Unconscious biases can influence our hiring decisions in ways we don’t readily recognize.

These biases make it difficult for us to attract a diverse slate of candidates.

They can also cause us to overlook qualified candidates who may not conform to our expectations.

Hire Beyond Bias will help you avoid common pitfalls at every stage of your selection process.

What You'll Learn in This Book

  • Recognize barriers to attracting and selecting highly qualified candidates

  • Identify and remove restrictive language from job postings

  • Develop strategies to overcome biases during resume screening and interviews

  • Establish objective tie-breakers for final selection decisions

Who This Book Is For

  • Hiring managers, regardless of experience

  • Newly formed management teams or hiring teams

  • Technical staff involved in candidate selection and evaluation processes

Hire Beyond Bias

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