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Are you read to transform your career, one relationship at a time?

Hire Beyond Bias
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Is your professional network as diverse as the workforce and community around you?

If not, you could be missing important opportunities for your career.

We all face challenges in making meaningful connections, especially with people who differ from us in significant ways.

Few of us consider the impacts of these missed connections.

Even fewer know how to recognize and overcome them.

Hold Yourself Accountable for Intentional Networking

You've already used Network Beyond Bias: Making Diversity a Competitive Advantage for Your Career to assess and improve the breadth and depth of your professional network.

This Companion Workbook will help you dig deeper and take your career even further!

  • Examine your biases
  • Measure your network
  • Connect across difference
  • Build lasting relationships

Who This Book Is For

  • Emerging and aspiring leaders who want to create opportunities for themselves and others

  • Reluctant networkers who need help getting started

  • Avid networkers who want to expand the breadth and depth of their connections

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