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Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome

Take a look at your own resume. Are you qualified, or even overqualified, on paper? Now consider your To Do List. Are you overcompensating for imaginary failings? If you answered yes to these two questions, you may be suffering from impostor syndrome! The Problem: Impostor Syndrome I grew up in a working class community in Southern Indiana. Perhaps…

Network on Twitter program

Program: Networking on Twitter

Program Description Do you want to expand your personal and professional network quickly and on a global scale? Twitter allows you to do all this and more. In just over a year, I went from not having a Twitter account to amassing 19K followers (and counting!) who are aligned with my brand. In this program,…

Creating a Learning Culture program

Program: Creating a Learning Culture

Program Description Participation in ongoing professional development is an important component of a winning career management strategy. But how do you influence your team or organization to adopt a “learning culture” that values professional excellence? This program will help you build and sustain an environment that supports your pursuit of lifelong learning! Learning Objectives Explain…

To be a leader, be an ally

To Be a Leader, Be an Ally

Do You Aspire to Be a Leader? If you aspire to be a leader, you’re not alone. So many corporate employees aspire to leadership roles in their organizations. They seek out high-profile projects, promotions, and executive sponsors. To really stand out in a company, though, you need to stand for something other than your own…

When a recruiter calls, answer!

When a Recruiter Calls, Answer!

Many people I know tell me they hang up on recruiters. Excuse me?!? Recruiters are fantastic people to have in your CHAMP network! You’re likely to be looking for a job someday, or know someone who will be. You may or may not be looking for a new position. The recruiter won’t know until he…

Networking requires more than a handshake

Break the Ice: Networking Events 101

The first time you attend a networking event, such as a conference or Meetup, you may be as nervous and uncomfortable as I used to be. Most people’s biggest concern is how to break the ice. Take a deep breath, relax, and know that it does get easier with practice. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself…

Networking Is a Super Power

Networking Is a Super Power

The old question for success was “What do you know?” In the information age, though, we all have access to Google. Knowledge has become a commodity and is taken for granted. What you should be asking yourself instead is “What can you do, and who do you know?” (Yes, I know it should be whom, but…

Networking requires you to get out of your own backyard!

Networking in Your Industry and Beyond

Once you understand how important networking is to your career, you’ll want to get started right away. Don’t limit your CHAMP network to your own company, or even your own industry! Get out of your own backyard as often as possible by attending formal and informal networking events. Within each industry, there are countless opportunities…

Making Introductions

Making Introductions: Tips for A-List Networking

Perhaps you’ve already built a deep CHAMP Network through participation in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), attending conferences, and building your personal brand on social media. You’ve started to build genuine relationships with a diverse collection of talented people. Now the real fun begins: making introductions. Everyday people make connections, but Superhero Networkers use introductions to create…

Age Discrimination

How Long Will You Continue to Work? Combating Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is gaining more attention in the media, as Baby Boomers’ influence in the workplace is dwindling. Millennials now comprise the largest segment of the workforce. Ask anyone over 50: it’s tough to compete with tech-savvy, confident 20-somethings who know how negotiate wages, benefits, and company culture. During several recent conversations within and around…

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