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Transparency: Storytelling for Leaders

Transparency, Authenticity, and Vulnerability: Storytelling for Leaders

Transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability are tools anyone can use to create stronger relationships. For leaders who seek to be more inclusive, authentic storytelling can accelerate trust and shape culture within your organization. Transparency derives from an attitude of servant leadership. Authenticity demands a great deal of self-awareness. And vulnerability requires incredible courage and self-confidence. If…

Race and Privilege: 10 Steps in the Right Direction (I Hope)

In the United States, few words are more polarizing than “race” and “racism.” Yet, Americans suffer from constant racial tension, race-based economic disparities, and institutionalized racism. White Americans must listen to people whose experiences and perspectives could inform and enlighten us. Our blindness to our own privilege is oppressive. Our sense of entitlement is embarrassing.…

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