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gender identity

Gender Identity: A Primer for People Who Just Don’t Get It

Author’s note: This article is adapted from my book, Network Beyond Bias. Gender identity conversations used to leave me confused and uncomfortable. I had nevertheless tried to raise my children (both boys at that time) with a conscious rejection of traditional gender stereotypes. For example, my oldest son got dolls for Christmas when he asked…

My First Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) Conference

Author’s note: This article is adapted from my book, Network Beyond Bias. I just returned from the Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) conference. It was an incredible event, and so valuable for me. If you were in any way affiliated with this conference, or if you have ever included someone who felt they didn’t belong, thank…

Affinity Bias, In-Groups, and Privilege at Work

Author’s note: This article is adapted from my book, Network Beyond Bias. Each of us needs to understand why our professional networks lack diversity by default and why we should change our default settings. I’ve already covered unconscious bias and what to do about it. This article explores the concepts of affinity bias, in-groups, and privilege in a…

Young Professional

Management Experience Paradox: Secrets for Your Next Promotion

“Management Experience Required”? Are you interested in moving into your first management role? You have probably noticed that most management positions require previous management experience. How can you get that experience without getting the job, and vice versa? Understanding Management and Leadership Before you apply for a management role, take an inventory of your strengths,…

Mentoring and coaching

Mentoring & Coaching

Whether you need help achieving long-term career goals or some friendly advice over coffee, Lead at Any Level can help you build your future.


Abolishing ERGs: A teachable moment from Deloitte?

My social media feeds are all abuzz with the news of Deloitte replacing its Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) with “inclusion panels.” The move reportedly seeks to address the concerns of Millennials who have a much different view of diversity issues than Gen Xers and Boomers. And then there was the perspective of the [mostly white,…

Meerkats know what their buddies are up to!

Network Like a CHAMP: Meerkats and mountain guides (Part 2)

Author’s note: This article is adapted from my book, Network Beyond Bias. In this series, learn the five critical connections you need to maintain for growing your career, your CHAMP network. CHAMP is an acronym that stands for Customer, Hire, Associate, Mentor, Protege. Part 1 provided an overview and outlined Customer and Hire networks. [Read more…] This article explains the value…

Your network is a critical part of your career.

Network Like a CHAMP: 5 critical connections (Part 1)

Professional networking is essential for the longevity of your career and your company. Yet, many people cringe when the subject of networking comes up. If you are new to networking, you may have no idea where to begin. My advice is to start building strong relationships with the people closest to you. In this series,…

Overcome Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias: Break out in 3 simple steps

If you have ever taken an Implicit Association Test (see post: Our Brains Are Biased), you may have been surprised by your own unconscious bias. I know the first time I took one of these tests, I was pretty taken aback. Want to learn more? Register for a Lead at Any Level webinar to learn…

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