COVID-19 Pandemic Response from Lead at Any Level

Lead at Any Level understands and appreciates that events around the world are being postponed, cancelled, or converted to virtual formats in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Short-Term COVID-19 Response

For this reason, we have already been contacting clients to discuss alternate arrangements for events scheduled through the end of May 2020. We will expand this outreach as needed to ensure we are extending “social distancing” protocols appropriately into the calendar year.

Lead at Any Level stands ready to serve clients throughout the coming weeks by offering our programs virtually via Zoom. In fact, we are expanding our capabilities to offer meetings for up to 200 participants (instead of 100) and webinars for up to 500 participants in listen-only mode.

Preparing for Growth Beyond the Restriction Period

​​We are also working with strategic partners across the country to help with program delivery, in the event of personal or regional quarantine requirements beyond the immediate term, and also to fulfill increased demand once restrictions are lifted.

We appreciate your patience and resilience as we navigate this unprecedented environment together.

Lead at Any Level remains steadfast in our commitment to help organizations across the country build inclusive cultures and diverse leadership bench strength.


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