Join Juneteenth Allies

Who We Are

Juneteenth Allies is a coordinated effort amongst white business owners and CEOs who want to take a meaningful stand for the Black community.

Together, we will use Juneteenth as an opportunity to redirect as much traffic as possible from our own websites to the donation page for Black Lives Matter for 24 hours.

Through URL redirects, banners and pop-up windows, we’ll actively divert money AWAY FROM our own businesses to support Black community organizers who are battling systemic racism, unchecked police brutality, and modern-day lynchings.

Why Join Juneteenth Allies

Too many business leaders are saying the right things, but doing nothing.

An overwhelming majority aren’t even speaking up.

The burden, then, unfairly falls on Black business leaders and Black employees to speak up and demand change. Doing so often comes at great personal, professional, and economic risk.


Racism must be denounced and dismantled by white business leaders. Don’t just tell your Black employees, through a carefully crafted email from your communications team, that you support them.

Show your work.

Racism must be denounced and dismantled especially by white Diversity and Inclusion practitioners. We are not allowed to ask for gender equity and LGBTQ equality, and then divert the conversation to unconscious bias when we should be talking about racism and racial justice. I’m often reminded in my Diversity and Inclusion work that “white people won’t hear it until a white person says it.”

It’s way past time to be the allies we claim to be.

Why June 19th?

June 19 is widely celebrated in the Black community as Freedom Day. It marks the day, two and a half years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, when the last enslaved people in the American Confederacy finally got the news of their liberation. For more on this triumphant milestone in our nation’s history, visit

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