My Book, My Business, and My Mission

I recently connected with Executive Coach Andre Boykin of Capital Idea. The first question he asked me was, “What are you creating in the world?” I loved the way he phrased the question. And I hope he doesn’t mind that I will be using it in the future. Later that day, I had an equally energizing conversation with Poised for Excellence author and Founder & CEO of WordSmith Rapport, Karima Mariama-Arthur. By speaking with these experts, I found myself becoming clearer about my mission and how I can best articulate it.

My (First) Book

My book, Network Beyond Bias, will help working professionals assess and improve the diversity of their networks. I based the book on four guiding principles:

  • People don’t recognize their default behaviors, nor are they aware of who is missing from their professional networks.
  • Many people are interested in the diversity & inclusion initiatives underway in their companies and industries, but don’t understand the role they can play.
  • The more connected we all are, the more opportunity we will create for ourselves and for each other.
  • Leaders can be anywhere, and should be everywhere, at all levels of an organization.

My Business

I started Lead at Any Level LLC to promote leadership, diversity & inclusion, and career management skills for busy professionals. My current offerings include public speaking engagements, training sessions, and one-on-one mentoring. Assets to-date include a blog, a growing and engaged social media audience, and several original presentations that can be adapted to a variety of audiences.

As my business grows, I plan to expand into consultancy. My mission, ultimately, will be to help companies find and develop their “hidden” leaders, transform their workforce demographics, and accelerate organic growth through well-connected, emotionally intelligent employees.

In the meantime, I am also looking for strategic partnerships that will allow me to build lasting relationships while fulfilling my mission.

My Background

My background includes 20 years in Information Technology, with over a decade in progressive management roles. I am a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner, hold two bachelor’s degrees from Indiana University, and serve on two national diversity committees. I am a member of National Speakers Association and have advanced communication and leadership awards from Toastmasters International. My presentations include original insights and content you won’t find anywhere else. Recent audiences range in number from a few dozen to several hundred, and have included insurance professionals, association executives, university faculty, military veterans, and college students.

My Invitation to You

Are you on a mission? Do our interests and goals overlap? Let’s Get Acquainted!


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