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Making Introductions: Tips for A-List Networking

Perhaps you’ve already built a deep CHAMP Network through participation in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), attending conferences, and building your personal brand on social media. You’ve started to build genuine relationships with a diverse collection of talented people. Now the real fun begins: making introductions. Everyday people make connections, but Superhero Networkers use introductions to create…

Race and Privilege: 10 Steps in the Right Direction (I Hope)

In the United States, few words are more polarizing than “race” and “racism.” Yet, Americans suffer from constant racial tension, race-based economic disparities, and institutionalized racism. White Americans must listen to people whose experiences and perspectives could inform and enlighten us. Our blindness to our own privilege is oppressive. Our sense of entitlement is embarrassing.…

Program: Moving from Panic to Purpose

Program Description Your industry is changing more rapidly than ever before, bringing a barrage of discussions about disruption, agility, and resilience. Professionals who adapt quickly can seize new opportunities and manage their careers. This session will introduce various models for understanding personal and organizational change, as well as techniques for identifying and overcoming fear, resistance,…

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