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I help people realize their hearts can’t been in the right place if they never move their feet!

My first book, Network Beyond Bias: Making Diversity a Competitive Advantage for Your Career, has received rave reviews, not only from established D&I professionals, but also from everyday people who didn’t realize they could make a difference for themselves and others. I love making this “scary” topic accessible for people in different stages of this journey!

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  • Human Resources / Learning & Development professionals who need programming support?
  • Diversity & Inclusion practitioners who want to make their initiatives relevant and sustainable?
  • Executives worried about how to fill talent gaps or leadership pipelines?
  • Avid readers?

I’d love to speak with you!

Past Interviews

  • Coming soon! Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs with Danielle Ireland
  • Coming soon! InterVision’s Status Go Podcast with Jeff Ton
  • Coming soon! Business Insurance Unedited Podcast with Deidre Wright
  • Coming soon! Two Zero Q with The Very Handsome Tim Kirk
  • Coming soon! The F Word with Sheryl Brown
  • Coming soon! The Wellness Woman Show with Lynnis Woods-Mullins
  • Making Lemonade Out of Lemons with Bobbie Shrivastav – Episode 1
  • Ignite your Life Podcast with Leanne Blaney – Episode 111
  • Diversity Dividend with Jessica Pettitt – S01 E05
  • The TalentGrow Show with Halelly Azulay – 136: Network Beyond Bias
  • Work Minus with Neil Miller – Work Minus Papercuts
  • JoyPowered Podcast with Susan White & JoDee Curtis Episode 50: Networking
  • Full Potential with Nick Wagner Episode 19
  • Maximizing Moments with Milton Herring II Why Diversity Is a Competitive Advantage
  • Hell Yes! Entrepreneur Podcast with Norman Bell interview
  • Digital Chatter with Eric Sharpe Episode 015
  • Small Talk Radio with Mark S. Lee interview
  • Northlake PG with Brianne Thomas interview
  • Live on Purpose Radio with Dr. Paul Jenkins: Connecting Across Differences
  • Leaders of Transformation with Nicole Jansen Episode 232
  • NittyBumVille Radio 66.7 by OTWKTF 1-1-19
  • Quoted with Patrick West – Episode 12
  • The LowDown Podcast from Sigma Kappa – Episode 4
  • Third Paddle Podcast with Jennifer MacFarland – Episode 31
  • Pivot Point’s Candid Conversations with Julie Kratz – Season 2
  • On the Schmooze with Robbie Samuels – Episode 112
  • Transform U Podcast with Nick Murphy, Episode 20
  • Living Corporate Podcast Episode 06: #Help
  • Claim the Stage Podcast with Angela Lussier, Episode 99
  • She Breaks the Mold with Janet Whalen, Episode 16
  • InsNerds’ Profiles in Risk podcast with Nick Lamparelli,Episode 90

Downloads for Podcast Hosts:

Favorite questions from past interviews:

  • Why did you decide to write Network Beyond Bias?
  • Why is there so much focus on diversity & inclusion right now?
  • Why do diversity conversations often start with unconscious bias?
  • What is unconscious bias, and how can we get rid of it?
  • What are the five critical connections for your career? or, What is a CHAMP Network?
  • How do you approach diversifying your network? Is it a conscious decision?

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