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  • Many people are uncomfortable discussing diversity & inclusion. I love making this “scary” topic accessible for people in different stages of this journey! After all, your heart can’t be in the right place if you never move your feet!
  • Relevant discussion, regardless of your industry. I’ve worked with and within a variety of industries: insurance, real estate, non-profit, association management, technology, retail, travel, and more
  • I take my Yeti Blue mic wherever I go, so the sound quality is always top-notch. If we have any glitches, I’m happy to re-record sections to ensure smooth audio

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  • I will promote your show to my 20K Twitter followers, and on other social media platforms, with tags back to you and your show
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Is your audience comprised of

  • Early- to mid-career professionals who aspire to greater responsibility?
  • Human Resources / Learning & Development professionals who need programming support?
  • Diversity & Inclusion practitioners who want to make their initiatives relevant and sustainable?
  • Executives worried about how to fill talent gaps or leadership pipelines?
  • Avid readers?

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Past Interviews

Downloads for Podcast Hosts:

Favorite questions from past interviews:

  • Why did you decide to write Network Beyond Bias?
  • Why is there so much focus on diversity & inclusion right now?
  • Why do diversity conversations often start with unconscious bias?
  • What is unconscious bias, and how can we get rid of it?
  • What are the five critical connections for your career? or, What is a CHAMP Network?
  • How do you approach diversifying your network? Is it a conscious decision?

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