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Program Description

Employees need to bring their full selves to work if they are to contribute at the highest levels. Perhaps you’ve already created Resource Groups or a Diversity Council to provide a sense of community and safety for underrepresented employees. Even so, most companies’ LGBTQ professionals are still holding back, struggling to present themselves authentically, and leaving trust (and talent) on the table.

Out and Outstanding is a unique leadership development program designed to enhance the abilities of your corporation’s LGBTQ professionals to contribute and lead. Together, we’ll uncover hidden leadership strengths of your LGBTQ work force, build a trusting and supportive professional cohort, and empower your leaders to tackle new, more complex and demanding assignments that have greater impact on your bottom line.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how their LGBTQ identity shapes their workplace identity as well as their leadership style
  • Identify and leverage their unique leadership strengths individually and in teams
  • Articulate a personal brand statement that effectively communicates who they are and what they are about
  • Strengthen and diversify their professional network inside and outside your company
  • Explore resilience strategies through emotional intelligence
  • Develop the next-level communication skills required for authentic leadership

Target Audience

Out and Outstanding’s core leadership curriculum can be tailored to a variety of LGBTQ cohorts within your company including:

  • Emerging and Mid-level LGBTQ managers with potential to grow
  • Leaders of LGBTQ Employee Resource Groups, Business Resource Groups, or Staff Networks

Our LGBTQ Leaders Master Class is a two-day offsite immersion course offered to employees who have completed the core curriculum

Program Options

  • On-site: 1 to 4 days (days may be consecutive or spread over a fiscal quarter)
  • Off-site retreat: 2 to 4 consecutive days

Optional Post-Program Support

  • Goal setting and accountability sessions
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • LGBTQ content subscriptions
  • Individual and small-group coaching

Meet Our Team

Dr. John Tedstrom

John Tedstrom, Founder & CEO of Tedstrom Associates, has held senior leadership positions in government, academia and business, integrating issues of national security, economics, and social justice. He served in the White House where he advised President Clinton on Russia and Ukraine, founded and led major international organizations fighting AIDS and other global maladies, and directed research and taught economics and national security policy at RAND and Columbia University.  Most recently he founded NextGen Leaders, to support the career advancement of younger LGBTQ professionals.

Dr. Tedstrom serves on the Boards of the Victory Fund, Equality California, and the Global Business Coalition for Education. He is active in Democratic politics and served on the Foreign Policy Committee, LGBT Policy Committee and National Finance Committee for the Obama for President campaign in 2008. He has lived in Munich, Moscow, and Kyiv and earned a Ph.D. in international economics and Russian studies from the University of Birmingham, England. He is the author of dozens of articles; his book, Socialism Perestroika and the Dilemmas of Soviet Economic Reform, was published in 1990. He is certified to teach Primordial Sound Meditation.

Amy C. Waninger

Amy C. WaningerAmy C. Waninger, CEO of Lead at Any Level LLC, works with organizations that want to build diverse leadership bench strength for a sustainable competitive advantage. She is the author of several books, including Network Beyond Bias: Making Diversity a Competitive Advantage for Your Career.

Amy is a Professional Member of National Speakers Association and a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner. Her other credentials include two degrees from Indiana University and a World’s Best Mom coffee mug.

Erin Passons

Erin PassonsErin Passons is the president and founder of Passons Consulting.  She has spent her career helping business leaders, managers, and employees improve their performance and effectiveness, and is an expert in coaching and facilitating workshops using StrengthsFinder.

Erin is also the founder of StrengthsNetwork San Diego, an association for StrengthsFinder professionals and followers in the Southern California region.  Erin earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of California-Santa Barbara and received her MBA from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.


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