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Unemployed Isn't "Unemployable"

Unemployed, Not “Unemployable”

Have you ever received a job application from someone who isn’t currently working? Were you quick to move it to the bottom of the pile? Do you equate “unemployed” with “unemployable”? Be honest. It’s ok to admit that we’re biased. We are biased, it’s human nature. It’s easy to continue doing the things we’re familiar…

Recruiting Millennials means attracting qualified candidates of all ages

Recruiting Millennials (and everyone else, too)

Employees are your most valuable asset. If you want your business to thrive, you need to find and hire top talent. Despite the different channels that you can use to find the right people for the job, there are challenges that you’ll have to overcome during the process. Recruiting Millennials, not to mention retaining them,…

Flexible work arrangements work well when companies plan ahead

Flexible Work Arrangements: Plan for Productivity

It’s a much-debated topic and a growing trend, but most companies still don’t seem to take a deliberate approach to flexible work arrangements. Instead, they just offer a vague middle ground of “flexible work arrangements” on a case by case basis. There are strong arguments for encouraging remote working and, conversely, arguments for bringing everyone…

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