Recruiting Millennials (and everyone else, too)

Employees are your most valuable asset. If you want your business to thrive, you need to find and hire top talent. Despite the different channels that you can use to find the right people for the job, there are challenges that you’ll have to overcome during the process. Recruiting Millennials, not to mention retaining them, is key to your company’s sustainable competitive advantage.

Millennials are currently the largest generation in the labor force. It only makes sense to adjust your recruitment process to appeal to them. Here are a few strategies that you can incorporate into your current hiring process.

Create a Sense of Purpose

Although this generation has been frequently maligned, the reputation is undeserved. Making a social impact and having a sense of purpose is very important to them. That’s why they’re attracted to companies and brands which promote some kind of social awareness.

A job which puts food on the table is ok, but millennials want more than that. They would like to contribute to your company’s growth with their skills and expertise. It is therefore essential to show them how to do that.

A big, fat paycheck and cool perks won’t be the only reason why a talented and hard-working millennial would find your job offer appealing. So make sure to mention your company’s mission and values in your job description, as millennials want to find meaning in their work.

Personalize the Experience

Personalization is all the rage in every industry, and millennials, who expect their purchasing experience to be highly tailored and personalized, want the same from the recruitment process.

You can see whether they’re the right fit for your company and win them over by conducting the interview at the office where they would work. This will allow them to get a test taste of what it is like to work for you and get a glimpse of the work environment that they will potentially be a part of.

Ask them a lot of questions, and let them do the talking. Active listening is essential for learning as much about them as possible. Plus, being heard is something that they highly value. It would send a positive vibe if you give them the time of day and hear what they have to say.

Include Your Team in Recruiting Millennials

It’s a good idea to include your team in the recruitment process and have them interview your candidates. First of all, they are the ones who will be closely working with the new member of the team. Don’t forget that it’s they who’ll mentor the new hire, show them the ropes, and train them until they’ve gotten the hang of everything. It’s important that they participate in the selection process.

Besides that, this approach will show your current employees that you value their opinion. That’s something that will definitely present your leadership in a positive light.

Needless to say, your Millennial candidates will notice and appreciate the way you treat your employees. That will undoubtedly appeal to them.

Offer them an Opportunity to Build Their Personal Brand

Millennials are keen on personal growth. They want jobs that will help them develop their professional skills and expertise.

According to a Gallup report, 59% of them mention opportunities to learn and grow as extremely important factors when it comes to applying for a new job. They need to know that they won’t be stuck in a dead-end job if they decide to work for you. It’s essential that they understand that they’ll have an opportunity to learn new things and build their personal brand.

Get Creative With Benefits

Essential perks are a must. At a minimum, healthcare, dental, and retirement plans should be a regular part of your employee benefits package.

As you know, tech giants like Google and Apple have earned their reputation as the most desirable employers. They offer generous employee perks such as gyms, free snacks, and spa centers on campus.

Not many companies can afford such luxuries, but luckily, there are other ways to attract millennial employees. For example, the stat saying that 78% of millennials are more likely to spend their money on a desirable experience instead of a desirable thing speaks volumes about their mindset.

In other words, you don’t have to offer expensive material things if you want to appeal to them. Telecommuting and flexible hours, for example, could be just what will make them happy. This flexibility allows them to plan their schedule and spend more quality time with their loved ones. These benefits could mean more to them than other perks.

It’s also a win-win for both parties because studies show that working from home positively affects productivity, which means your company will benefit from this perk too.

Millennial employees might be demanding in terms of what they expect from their job. That’s actually good for your company, because they’re ready to commit to and work towards your shared goals. That’s what your recruitment process should reflect in order to attract and keep them.

It would be best to create an in-house recruitment process that works for you and invest in an in-house piece of software for that process. That way you’ll have your applicants’ resumes and other important information in one place. You can study them and effectively personalize the recruitment experience.

The Bottom Line for Recruiting Millennials

Good News: If you’re good at recruiting Millennials, you’ll be successful in attracting other qualified candidates as well!

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