Six Jobs That Have Remained Resilient In The Covid-19 Era

The economic fallout of the Covid pandemic has been devastating. Governments are crawling in debt but individuals are feeling the impact even more. Across the globe, millions of people have lost their jobs. Some lost it because their offices folded up or could no longer afford to pay them. While some people have gotten new jobs, many others still don’t have a source of income. At the same time, some people had to work overtime since the pandemic began because there was a high demand in their respective industries. These resilient jobs aren’t just going to remain in-demand during the pandemic, they will stand the test of time. 

1. Data Science

Data science has to do with the analysis of data. The data allows people to understand and explain real-time phenomena. Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, the flow of data over the Internet has been overwhelming. Data scientists have been employed to sort and analyze the data. You can learn how to become a data scientist from the comfort of your home. As a data scientist, your yearly salary can range from $95,000 to $195,000 depending on your level of expertise and where you work. 

2. Web Development and Design 

Web development has been among the top five in-demand jobs in the last ten years. This year, however, the demand for web developers increased significantly because of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the demand for web developers increased, so did the demand for web designers. Web developers work on the functionality of apps. However, web designers work on the user interface and design. There are a lot of opportunities for advancements in the web development and design industry. Attached to a firm, you can earn $51,489 at the entry-level and $63,824 as you progress. For independent developers, the financial possibilities are limitless. 

3. Medical Research and Development

You don’t need anyone to tell you that there has been an increase in the demand for medical researchers. Even if the Covid-19 virus started as an outbreak in Wuhan, China, it is now a global problem. Medical researchers have been working round the clock to come up with a cure, vaccine, or method to curb the spread of the virus. Medical scientists earn an average of $78,046 to $80,305 annually in the United States. Most of them have gotten bonuses for their hard work at this difficult time. 

4. Financial Advisor

As stated in the introduction, the economic burden of the pandemic has been too heavy to handle. Now more than ever, the job of financial advisors is needed. These financial advisors have been employed by governments, corporations, and individuals. Their job is to help overcome a total financial crisis during the pandemic. Financial advisors make around $66,000 yearly in the United States. Some experts increased their billables during the pandemic because of the high demand for their services. 

5. Home Health Worker 

People have been stuck in their homes for weeks and months at a time since the pandemic started. Many of them were afraid of going to the hospital because they don’t want to risk getting infected, so they have been depending on home health workers. The average home healthcare worker in the United States earns about $11.10 hourly to perform basic healthcare checks. They might also be in charge of taking care of the needs of the elderly or health-challenged. The yearly amount ranges from $25,330 to $34,540 depending on several factors. 

6. Cyber Security Analysis 

As data scientists work on analyzing data, cybersecurity analysts monitor the computer systems to ensure that there are no attacks from hackers. They identify loopholes and block them before security breaches happen. This job increased in demand during the Covid-19 pandemic because of the prevalence of remote work. You can apply for a cybersecurity position if you have a degree in programming or computer science. These experts cash out $81,555 yearly on average. 


Since the Covid-19 pandemic started plaguing the world, it has cost millions of people their income. Despite all the challenges economies have been facing, some industries have thrived. This you can see from the list above. All six jobs can be grouped into three major industries. Medical research and development experts and home healthcare workers are in the healthcare industry. Data scientists, cybersecurity experts, and web developers are in the tech industry while financial advisors are from the financial industry. 

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