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2018.04.04 Webinar: Promoting Your Blog – Increase Twitter Followers

I have been asked several times what I’m doing to brand my blog so well on Twitter. At the request of some of my business partners, I’ll be sharing my “secrets” for fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs. In this session, I’ll give an overview of how to use my favorite audience-building tool.


Network Beyond Your Industry: 7 reasons to connect with “outsiders”

Network as Broadly as Possible In my programs on networking, I stress the importance of diversifying your professional network. This includes expanding your network beyond your current industry. The first step in assembling your CHAMP network, after all, is to build a relationship with your customer. And customers almost always work in a different industry.…

Employee Resource Groups: 4 Benefits for Companies

Author’s note: This article is adapted from my forthcoming book, Network Beyond Bias. 4 Ways Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) Benefit Companies 1. Finding and attracting diverse talent There is a significant talent shortage in many industries. Many companies have aggressive recruiting goals they are struggling to meet. These companies may be in a rut: recruiting…

Abolishing ERGs: A teachable moment from Deloitte?

My social media feeds are all abuzz with the news of Deloitte replacing its Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) with “inclusion panels.” The move reportedly seeks to address the concerns of Millennials who have a much different view of diversity issues than Gen Xers and Boomers. And then there was the perspective of the [mostly white,…

Positive Feedback: 4 Simple Steps to Meaningful Reinforcement

Have you ever been told “good job!” after you’ve finished a task or assignment? I hope you have. I’m sure you have. You probably felt good about the comment for the moment, but did you really know what you did well? Giving positive feedback or affirmation to others in the workplace (and in our personal…

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