Living Corporate: Media as Mentorship

I often ask my audiences, “What perspectives does your network IGGNORE?” If you’ve read Network Beyond Bias or attended one of my programs, you know that “IGGNORE” is an acronym that represents different aspects of diversity. One great way to learn from different perspectives is to seek out media from non-traditional sources. You can even think of media as mentorship!

My friends at Living Corporatefor example, offer a variety of timely content that highlights the experiences of black and brown people in corporate America.


The Living Corporate podcast offers career advice and expert insights, all from the perspectives of people of color. Hosts Zach and Ade share their own experiences, interview guests, and respond to listener letters with honesty, sincerity, and vulnerability. Podcast topics range from “Ramadan at Work” to “Disabled while Other.” Newer episodes also include “Tristan’s Tips” to help young professionals with job search strategies. Also, be sure to check out Episode 10: Help, where Zach and I talk about allyship in the workplace.


The Living Corporate blog features articles that help underrepresented professionals navigate the corporate landscape. I’m particularly proud of See It to Be It, my own interview series highlighting professional role models in a variety of industries. The goal of this series to draw attention to the vast array of possibilities available to emerging and aspiring professionals. Particular attention is paid to support systems available for people of color within the industry. The first two articles feature Dana Beckton (Healthcare Industry) and Barrington Salmon (Newspaper Journalist).

Media as Mentorship

Regardless of your own demographics or background, you can learn a lot from Zach, Ade, their guests, and their team of writers. I know I have!
Remember, you can find mentors in lots of places, including print and online media, social media, and podcasts.  When seeking out mentors, try to learn from people with as wide a variety of perspectives as possible. And remember to think of media as mentorship. You will pick up insights you never could have imagined!


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