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L@AL Webinar: Serving Up Feedback, One BITE at a Time

Many people shy away from giving constructive feedback because they fear conflict. And while many are quick to praise for a job well done, few do so in a meaningful way. In this session, you’ll learn a simple and effective four-step method (called “BITE”) for giving feedback. We’ll practice strategies for accepting both compliments and criticisms gracefully. By…


Constructive Feedback in Four Simple Steps

Many people view giving constructive feedback as an odious task. Those who revel in it … well, who wants to work with those people? There is a happy middle: the caring and genuine coach who really wants to see others put their best foot forward. So, you know, be that guy by learning and practicing…

Positive feedback

Positive Feedback: 4 Simple Steps to Meaningful Reinforcement

Have you ever been told “good job!” after you’ve finished a task or assignment? I hope you have. I’m sure you have. You probably felt good about the comment for the moment, but did you really know what you did well? Giving positive feedback or affirmation to others in the workplace (and in our personal…

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