When a Recruiter Calls, Answer!

Many people I know tell me they hang up on recruiters. Excuse me?!? Recruiters are fantastic people to have in your CHAMP network! You’re likely to be looking for a job someday, or know someone who will be.

You may or may not be looking for a new position. The recruiter won’t know until he or she asks. The job the recruiter is seeking to fulfill may or may not be your dream job. You won’t know until you ask!

Learn about the Job Market

Ask some questions about the open role. What level of experience is required? Which skills are most important? How large is the company, and what industry does it serve? Does the recruiter know the target salary for the position? A little information goes a long way, even if you’re not a good fit for the job.

Aim for Referrals

Ask the recruiter for their contact information so you can send referrals. Forward the details out to a few people in your network who might be a good fit for the role. Or consider sharing the open position on social media. You may be the link between a casual connection and their next opportunity. Imagine how much that could do for your relationship!

Author’s Note: This article is an excerpt from my book, Network Beyond Bias.


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