17 Completely Selfish Reasons to Be a Mentor

Author’s note: This article is adapted from my book, Network Beyond Bias.

There are 7 billion altruistic reasons to be a mentor: one for each person on the planet. In case you’re not motivated by do-gooderism, I’ve compiled more than a dozen completely selfish reasons to sign up to be a mentor.

Why Be a Mentor?

  1. Combat the Dunning-Kruger Effect and Impostor Syndrome
  2. Gain confidence
  3. Build an industry talent pipeline
  4. Discover new strengths
  5. Build new skills for your resume
  6. Learn from your protege
  7. Expand your professional network
  8. Find content for your blog
  9. Recognize your unique areas of expertise
  10. Remind yourself how far you’ve come
  11. Gain a new perspective on your own work and career
  12. Help peers fill open positions
  13. Learn about barriers to entry that may exist for your profession, industry, or company
  14. Helping others increases happiness
  15. Leave a professional legacy
  16. Compound your own success
  17. Be seen as a leader among your peers

Whether your reasons are selfish or altruistic, someone needs you! Make 2018 the year you expand your influence through new mentoring relationships.

Where can you mentor?



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  10. Amy C. Waninger - Reply

    Send me an evergreen tweet so I can promote your amazing organization!

  11. Sarah - Reply

    Great read! At SKY’S THE LIMIT, we connect volunteer mentors with underserved youth Entrepreneurs who want to start a business – Visit here to see if this could be a good mentor program for you! https://goo.gl/34GFhK

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